Month: June 2015

Hip Dysplasia – Small Breeds Also at Risk

Although many people erroneously believe the genetically linked skeletal malformation known as hip dysplasia is confined to large animals (human and canine), that’s not the case. Even toy breeds including Pekingese, Papillon, Pug, Shi Tzu, Shelties and others are among the small dog breeds commonly seen with the condition. This information according to a study by Larsen and Corley in 1971. Larsen and Corley surveyed ten-thousand X-rays of various breeds. We have some shocking older statistics provided by the Australian Veterinary JournalVolume 52, Issue 12, Article. It was first published online: 10 MAR 2008 about the incidence of hip...

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Easter Kong Hunt For Children With Four Legs at Animal Hospital

Easter egg hunts are common in the U.S. from backyards everywhere to The White House lawn but what if your “child” has four legs? The Blais Veterinary Hospital in Indiana PA, U.S.A. (the home of Jimmy Stewart and Harvey the giant rabbit Pooka,) recently came up with an innovative event for dog lovers. – An Easter Kong hunt. In the Kong hunt, the popular Kong dog toys are hidden in the tall grass and weeds around the hospital. A wonderful time was had by all including the 20 or so dogs and their owners. Everyone introduced themselves and their...

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