The American Cocker Spaniel is an offshoot of the same family as the English Cocker Spaniel.In America they are generally just known as Cocker Spaniels, but outside the US, they are called American Cocker Spaniel, because the English Cocker is called Cocker Spaniel. The two breeds are noticeably different because of the different breeding since the 1880s.

According to Wikipedia:

“The dog considered to be the father of the American Cocker Spaniel was sired by the dog considered to be the father of the English Cocker Spaniel. Ch. Obo was bred to Ch. Chloe II, who was shipped to America while she was pregnant. Once in the United States, she whelped a dog who became Ch. Obo II.”

Cocker Spaniels are happy little dogs, probably the smallest of all the sporting dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club. Those that are bred and groomed for the show ring generally cease to be good working dogs. Fully grown, they range between 13.5 to 15.5 inches at the top of the shoulder blades (known as withers, as on a horse)

Besides being happy tailwagging dogs, Cockers socialise well, from very young, with adults, children, other dogs and other pets. They generally don’t do well, left of their own in a backyard, and they don’t like loud noises or rough handling.



In this video, Eric Salas gives a really good demonstration of clipping a Cocker Spaniel. She has a really stunning coat.