Month: June 2015

Boulder Recalls Dog Food for Salmonella Risk

A Salmonella risk is posed by Chicken Sprinkles produced by The Boulder Dog Food Company. This dangerous infection can affect any animals eating the food as well as humans who handle the foods. The product was shipped to Colorado, Washington State, and one retail customer in the State of Maryland. Only a few of the products were shipped and most have been accounted for but the remainder are considered dangerous. Salmonella is highly contagious and is the disease generally associated with what is commonly called food poisoning. This is especially dangerous for children and the elderly humans as well...

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Just Plain Cute Puppies And Medical Benefits

OK, this isn’t really science except that it has been proven that cute puppies or adult dogs make people feel better. They also reduce depression and improve the measured health of people in hospitals or nursing homes. Cute Puppies, Interesting Kittens Puppies are cute. Kittens are interesting. PubMed, a federal government medical database available online recently carried this story: There is a growing interest for the potential health benefits of human-animal interactions. Although scientific evidence on the effects is far from being consistent, companion animals are used with a large number of human subjects, ranging from children to elderly...

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Puppy Play is Important, Even Critical

Puppies play a lot and sleep a lot. Both are critical for their physical and social development. The sleep should be obvious but play not so much. The more you or someone plays with a puppy the more likely it will develop into a happy adult dog. Puppy Play and Socialization Since socialization and play are so important we always like to raise two puppies together and the older we get the more we appreciate playing with puppies which are already half played out. Puppy play can be rough, very rough and some people mistake this for fighting. Puppies...

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Can Dogs Fall In Love? This Story Proves It

You might not believe that two dogs are capable of falling in love. Read on. Only a complete cynic could be unmoved by this story of doggy love. Interesting Facts They are both mixed breeds There is a 3 1/2 year age gap They met on the Streets of Terre Haute, Indiana They lived on the street until Jade became pregnant One was adopted, leaving the other behind Dogs In Love Ben, a 4 1/2-year-old mixed breed (left), and Jade, a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix (right), were two strays who met on the streets of Terre Haute, Indiana, and...

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OFA Certification For Hip Dysplasia – Scientifically Meaningless?

Hip Dysplasia is partially a genetic disease, probably triggered by over feeding of large and giant breed puppies. The goal of reputable breeders should be to confine breeding to those pairs of canines that are at least free of hip dysplasia. A large investment in raising puppies to be bred must be made before The Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) X-ray diagnosis and certification of dogs can be made. That is because the exam can’t be conducted on animals younger than 2 years of age. OFA Certification Exam Expensive, Dangerous The OFA certification exam is not only expensive, it...

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