Author: John McCormick

Bouvier – Massive! Dangerous? Loving! Friendly.

Being herding dogs Bouviers are highly intelligent and, while some people like to brag how smart their pets are, having had dozens of dogs and even pet sheep, I know that a dumb pet is often the best choice – friendly, easy to control, etc. But intelligence has its place in the canine world. When we moved our closed kennel from where we were living in a small town (see the local bridge for an idea of how rural it was) to a 30 acre ranch, we knew Bouviers were classed as herding dogs but not until a dozen...

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How to fold your Great Dane for travel

Traveling with your best friend, particularly when they are also your service dog can be a problem just from the standpoint of space allocation. I’ve grown up with dogs, one went to Harvard classes with me and that one used to travel in my corvette. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of that but she used to sit in the passenger seat which got a lot of attention – Hannah was a 220 lb. Newfoundland who lived on my boat. She was a rescue at 12 weeks of age – the family discovered their 8 year-old was allergic to...

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Many Web Sites Are WRONG – LOOK DEEP Into The Eyes Of Your Dog

You always have to be careful about the information you find on the Internet but in this instance it is respected information sources which are entirely incorrect about the science. Many dog sites will tell you that you should never try to stare down a puppy or dog because they see that as an aggressive action. Actually that does apply to real wolves, but NOT TO DOGS. Although wolves are the ancestors of dogs, they are wild animals while dogs are not. The fact is, according to Science Magazine, looking into the apparently loving eyes of a puppy may...

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