After decades of writing technology and medical books, John McCormick has ventured on a new field with his first children’s book, “The Tale of a Worried Little Puppy,” which follows a tiny puppy as she tries to find a new home away from her siblings who always picked on her.

Her big problem isn’t so much that she is snubbed or picked on by her brothers and sisters but because she can’t understand why they are picking on her.

On the final page we learn why she is different and how it impacted her growing up and being unable to tell other dogs she was friendly.

Intended for very young children the book reinforces an obvious lesson about acceptance and standing up for yourself.

$2.99 as a Kindle book or Free for Amazon Prime members.

$6.99 for a large format color photo book. There is little text since this is intended mostly for K or even pre-K children, unlike many children’s books it is mostly a photo book rather than being filled with drawings.

childrens book cover

The Tale of a Worried Little Puppy

Although new to children’s books, John is well known in the technology field having published hardcover and trade paperback books with several major publishers and writing a column for more than 25 years in a Washington DC trade newspaper owned by WAPO The Washington Post organization.

He also wrote a book with the latest science about our canine companions and more than a score of dogs he has lived with over 60 years.

Everywhere I Turn There’s A Wet Nose the love for and science of dogs.