Two Puppy St. Weilers Play Rough

Two Happy St. Weilers playing in snow

Two Happy St. Weilers playing in snow

We’re Beckett and Takeko, two blogging Saint-Weiler dogs ,,,

When adults, we’ll be big and sleep like giant redwood logs.


A sleeping St. Weiler puppy

Sleeping Dogs Lie – It WASN’T ME

We get to run when our owners go outside for a jog.

Our owners think we’re as cute as English hedgehogs.

We hope they don’t make us drink any sailors’ grog …


They won’t think we’re so cute when we’re lost in dense fog –

or perhaps in a big city that’s congested with smog

and full of noisy cars that cause a giant traffic clog.

Or we jump headfirst into a stinky, slimy, messy bog,

trying hard to get our paws on an army of frogs,

3 Cats on a log

Cats on a log

They want to buy us toys and treats from a catalog,

(What’s a catalog?  Is it a log for cats to lie on?)

but only treats fit for lovable TV-viewing watchdogs –


St. Weiler Puppy eating


We’ll beg them not to entice us with some eggnog!

That’s something we think should only go to a hog.