Husky dogs (when trained right) will put up with a lot from children. This cute video has had more than 7 million views in a year. Very nice!

There were a lot of negative comments, probably from people who don’t know much about dogs. You certainly need to know the dog well, and pick up on exactly what is going on. It is all really about instinct and common sense.

What do you think?

For huskies, this is quite a bit different to pulling a sled. According to Wikipedia, “Husky is recorded from 1852 for dogs kept by Inuit people.”

Did you know that universities love huskies? Wikipedia tells us they are mascots for Houston Baptist University, the University of Washington, the University of Connecticut, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Northeastern University, Michigan Technological University, Northern Illinois University, St. Cloud State University, University of Southern Maine, and the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County.

Canada gets in on the act too, and they are mascots for Saint Mary’s University (Halifax), George Brown College (Toronto), and the University of Saskatchewan.

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Cute Husky

Good looking sled dog in the snow.