In typical smooth Fox Terrier style, this baby wants to play with the ducks. After the first fail, the hunter-brain takes over and comes up with a workaround. The ducks are just out of reach, though, so we see the second fail.

That isn’t the end of the story, though. The fox terrier does not give up easily. It has an amazing bouncy springing run, and takes a shortcut across the water.

This terrier is also a pointer and you can see it pointing to the ducks.

On the third attempt, the water is no obstacle, the terrier walks on water, and the ducks really have to work hard to get away from her, because she is NOT going to give up.

But don’t worry, “No ducks were harmed in making this video.”

This is a typical fox-red pattern on the smooth coated fox terrier

Fox Terrier