Newfoundlands originate in Canada, originally a working fishing dog. In Canada, they are black and white and black. Some black dogs can have white markings. In other countries, they may also be brown or gray.

Newfoundland dogs are giants, have webbed feet, and are calm, very intelligent, very strong and very loyal. They are often used for water rescue and lifesaving because of their strength and muscular build, their thick double coat, webbed feet and their natural ability to swim.

newfoundland dog

Portrait of Newfoundlands

newfoundland dogs painting

Gentle Giants

Sebastian The Newfie Learns Water Rescue

You can see Sebastian’s webbed feet and his swimming action in the water, as he does what comes naturally to him.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”txBTVAB0WJs”]

According to Wikipedia, a fisherman’s Newfie is credited with saving Napoleon when he fell overboard. Of many other examples, in 1828, Ann Harvey of Isle aux Morts, her father, brother, and a Newfoundland Dog named Hairyman saved at least 160 Irish immigrants who were on the brig Despatch, after it was wrecked.

One downside of a Newfoundland, is the drooling.