We’ve all heard of the infamous Chinese dog poisoning scandals of a few years ago. It was a puppy killer, and at that time, many of the popular U.S. brands of dog food included some bulk ingredients sourced from China. China has few safeguards and they are less than rigorous in monitoring even what goes into toys that human babies might be expected to chew on.

But most people don’t know that there are recalls of dangerous animal products all the time and the latest is especially concerning. There are two reasons for that – because it is a popular product AND it is intended for the most vulnerable – puppies.

Puppy killer - picture of Nylabone Puppy Pack recall

Nylabone Puppy Pack recall photo courtesy FDA

Of course this latest case is an inadvertent health risk, not something intentional. It is the potential consequence which is important, not the fact that it was entirely accidental.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall for the “TFH Publications, Inc./Nylabone Products Puppy Starter Kit Due To Possible Salmonella Health Risk.”

Having raised more than 20 puppies over the decades, I had come to rely on Nylabone products, so this was a real shocker.

The product code on the package is LT 21935 and it carries the “Best By” date of 03/22/18. The latest update was issued by the FDA on April 25.

If you have these, you can return them to most retailers or just toss them. What you must not do is to presume that merely boiling or washing these would eliminate the risk. Salmonella is a dangerous infection which can cause severe problems for even adult dogs and humans. It is especially dangerous for small dogs and puppies. They can’t survive the dehydration caused by the diarrhea associated with “food poisoning.”

Nylabone Puppy Pack Recall On TV